GLA Studio makes better visual experience

GLA Studio

Tool for animators and developers of mobile games that preserves the advantages of vector graphics and makes working with animations much easier.

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Less Size

advantage of GLA

GLA technology helped us downsize install packages of our own games (Lipa Learning). It reduces package size by at least 50%.


quality of animations

advantage of GLA

Adobe Flash animations use vectors and have a small file size, can be scaled without loss of quality and you don't need multiple versions of the animation for devices with different resolutions.


demands on the GPU and CPU of the smart device

advantage of GLA

GLA brings a superior visual experience to users, delivers best-on-market compression rates and outperforms in terms of RAM, CPU and GPU usage.


process for programmers and animators

advantage of GLA

The GLA Studio is a time-saving tool for animators and developers which streamlines processes and allows for new possibilities when working with animations. It is a shortcut around otherwise time-consuming processes you need to go through when prepping your animations for implementation into the game.

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GLA Studio makes better visual experience
GLA Studio provides C++ LibraryGLA Studio supported cocos2D-xGLA Studio supported Unity3D
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The Best Tool for Animators

Our tool for animators is a technology for vector animations, which helps Flash animations run faster on mobile devices and improve user experience. This tool for animators is designed for vector animations in 2D games. What are its benefits? The GLA format helps Flash animations run smoothly on mobile devices while maintaining vector graphics

In order for your game not to take up too much space on mobile devices, you need to convert vector graphics and bitmap solutions. And this is where the GLA Studio tool for animators can help. The Adobe Flash animations will be converted into the GLA format and the size of the game will be lowered by more than 50 %. This will make the app more user-friendly and smaller in size, which reduces the possibility of the user uninstalling the app due to these reasons.

About format GLA

GLA is a lightweight technology for vector animations in games or applications, especially for 2D games. It’s designed for main mobile platforms and any other platform that has openGL support (min. version of openGL(ES) is 2.0).

GLA pre-processes a great deal on developer's computers when converting Flash animations to GLA. GLA is much faster for rendering than Game SWF files (tessellation and triangulation is proceeding in the CGLA utility on the developer’s computer). It is designed for direct rendering on the GPU.

The GLA format helps Flash animations run smoothly on mobile devices, while maintaining vector graphics. Using the GLA format results in a 50% compression of the app size (at least) and superior performance on CPU, GPU and RAM.

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Tested superiority

Animations created with the GLA convertor are very small compared to bitmap solutions and perform better with respect to CPU and GPU requirements. Translating your animations into the GLA format delivers superior performance while maintaining the qualitative advantage of vector animations.

Battery-killing apps and those that take an excessive amount of space in phones are amongst the first to be uninstalled, so in effect GLA can contribute to improved user retention.


GLA technology helped us downsize install packages of our own games (Lipa Learning). It reduces package size by at least 50%. On top of that it allowed us to simplify our workflow for making animations.

The graphics department creates animation in Adobe Flash, then converts them using the CGLA utility and developers can use the whole animation package with animation sets (e.g. idle sequence, action sequence, etc.), color palettes, and more. That saved us a lot of time compared to converting animations to frame-by-frame sprite sheets.

Library download

This library has a half-open source code. It has 2 parts. One is a compiled static library that is the core of GLA. It is written in C++. Core including parser, renderer, animation timing, etc. The second part is implementation to framework. We call this part “player”. It includes methods for initializing animations, controlling them from the application code, etc. We have sample implementation for cocos2d-x and unity frameworks.


Documentation for the plug-in, extension and API of the GLA library is listed below.


general questions

What is GLA?

GLA is a solution for playing Adobe Flash animations on mobile devices. GLA works with vector format, allowing a reduction of the animation’s file size. Thanks to many optimizations, GLA has excellent performance. GLA also contains a tool to make your workflow with animations easier.

What is the GLA Studio?

GLA Studio is a tool for working with animations. It allows to edit animation colors, intervals, visibility and more. The resulting animation can then simply be used in your app.

What is the SWF to GLA Converter?

GLA needs to convert animations from SWF format to its own format, so that high performance is ensured when the animation is playing on the mobile device.

What is GLA Format?

GLA format stores certain additional information about your animation. This helps better performance, plus it saves changes made in the animation with GLA Studio.

What is GLA library (CGLA Player)?

The GLA Library is a static C++ library you need to add to your project to be able to work with GLA animations in your code.

What is tessellation tolerance?

The tessellation tolerance parameter determines how precisely a vector in a given animation is saved during conversion. If it’s set to 1, it means the animation is converted 1:1. If it’s set to a higher number, it results in a smaller animation after conversion. But if it’s set too high, animation can suffer from artifacts and imperfection. So you want to find an ideal compromise between the size and visuals of the result. Setting this value to 10 is a good start.

What is Framerate?

The FPS divider value is a parameter which modifies the number of frames per second intended for the converted animation. Basically you can use it if you have a flash animation at 30 FPS and you know you need only a 15 FPS animation in your app. Then you set this parameter to 2, which means that only every second frame of the animation will be converted into the target file.

What are Visibility sets good for?

You can name parts of your animation and then show or hide them using code as you wish. Visibility sets allow you to arrange these parts into groups and then just switch between these groups to decide what should be visible.

How to use Color palettes?

You can change colors in your animation after it’s converted to GLA format. You can change any color to a different one in the whole animation or in its specific named part. Then you can switch between palettes using code.

What are the main features of GLA?

It can play Flash animations on mobile devices. You can edit the color and visibility of your animation or create named timelines. GLA makes your workflow with animations easier and more efficient.

How does the conversion work?

Conversion leaves the animation in vector format. It just processes the animation and saves certain additional information about it for better performance on the device.

what's not supported

What are the supported frameworks?

GLA can be used with cocos2d-x and Unity3D frameworks. We also provide a C++ library, so you can implement GLA with any technology you want to.

What are the limitations of GLA?

We provide a library for iOS and Android OS. The target device must support at least OpenGL ES 2.0. Another limitation might be the target device’s graphics memory. It can limit you in how many animations you can instantiate at a given time.

Licensing And Payments

Is GLA free?

GLA Studio is free for companies whose annual revenue is under 1 million USD. Other features, like the GLA Convertor, are free without limits.

How can I pay?

For now, please contact us at and we’ll treat your query individually.

Can I try all the features of GLA without registration/payment?

Yes. You can download GLA Studio and other features from our download page. All is registration/payment free, we only need your e-mail address for further communication and updates.